Three Tips on How to Hang Curtain and Drapery Like A Designer

I’ve been on this streak about the proper way to hang  curtain and drapery and posting directions and resources that you can check out. For me personally, I just think that curtains can make or break a room!

When you hang curtains, there are a few tips that you should adhere to:

  1. Length: Make sure the length of your curtains is right
  2. Drapery Returns: Use them
  3. Train Your Curtains: So they lay properly

Tools and Materials To Hang Curtains and Drapes Like a Designer


There are just certain things you shouldn’t DIY without experience, and in my case, this would be curtains. This was the only image I could find of my DIY curtains. Notice how short the curtains were! Not only that, the pleats looked terrible!


If you find that your curtains are short by less than 2 inches, check out my secret hack on how to lengthen your curtains. It is definitely not the professional way, but it is hardly noticeable to an untrained eye.


A “drapery return” is the measurement from the wall is to where the curtain hangs off of the rod. Imagine yourself standing looking to the side of the curtain. The measurement I’m referring to is of the side piece of it. See the left image below:

how to hang draperies like a designer

 Most people will hang their curtains like the image on the left. However, a small little hack will take your drapery installation to a professional level. All you need is a hook and eye installed on the wall underneath your curtain rod. It should be place where the last pleat hook is!

eye hook for curtains

This little dandy hook and eye will not only give you a more professional look, but  the side of your curtains will now block out light!

As a mom, I find this super awesome because my kids still take naps during the day and it blocks out a ton of light! And if you have invested in blackout curtains, make the most of it by installing hook and eye (which is also known as a screw eye bolt).  

I’ve also found that traverse rods may already have the eye hooks installed – so make sure you use it if you have it! P.S. Traverse rods are AWESOME, but they require creating additional holes for the pulley.

drapery returns for traverse rod

There are places where you really don’t need to do this. For example, an area like my living room where a return really isn’t necessary because the goal for the curtains is to frame the room to create height rather than to block out light.



Here’s another tip for hanging curtains like a professional: Train your drapes and curtains right after you hang them!  When you first order your curtains, they may come packaged up with creases. Obviously, do the best you can to iron. Once you hang them, you’ll notice that sometimes they do not “fold” where they should.

What you can do is just hand fold them and loosely tie a piece of fabric or yarn around the folds. Keep it folded for a week. After that, you should find that your curtains will sit perfectly!

train your curtains

Curtains: Easy Classic Pleat Panels in Gent Smoke | Rod: White Curtain Rod | Tie Backs: Wood Post Tiebacks

There you have it – three tips on how to hang curtain and drapery like a professional designer installed it! 

If you need more visuals, here’s a video:

For reference, feel free to pin this image as a reminder:

tips on how to hang your draperies like a pro

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  1. Thank you for the tips on hanging drapes! I really appreciate the insight! It is a great idea to train your drapes. Ironing out the folds was something I always did but I will make sure to let them be so they will fall the right way. Great tips!

  2. P.s. what style/type of drapery rings are those that you used? I tried putting drapery rings on some curtains in my bedroom, but they look hideous- they drop too much and show too much of the clip.

  3. I like your idea of “training” the curtains. That seems like such a smart idea. I would hate to get curtains, and not have them look like they should. I would much rather have them look nice and neat, and how they should. That way I don’t have to worry about finding new curtains to look better.

  4. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to hang your curtains so they continue to the side to block out light. I’m redecorating my living room, and I’d like to put curtains in instead of blinds. I’ll definitely make sure to hang them so they block out the light on the sides as well. Thanks for the great post!

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