About Seng

Hi there! I’m Seng (pronounced “sang”). I’d like to welcome you to my blog!

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I’m a thirty-something working mother with a passion for photography, home DIY projects, saving money, spending money, creating honey do lists, and loving my family.

Have you ever wondered how a working parent can have it ALL? And by ALL I mean time for family, progressing their career, fulfill their DIY fantasies, and pursue their hobbies and passions? Well, that’s what I’m stumbling to do and you can follow my journey here as I share the means on how I’m accomplishing just that (or fail at it).

My Story

It’s currently 2015, and I feel like it was only yesterday that I graduated college! I am now a Missouri Tiger alum with a degree in Marketing. It was at Mizzou where I met my college sweetheart, Ryan, whom I married in the US Virgin Islands a few short years later. This is us:


After getting married and establishing our professional careers (the hubs as a mechanical engineer and myself as a healthcare IT consultant), we soon realized we also had other passions. Ryan – hunting. Me – entrepreneurship through photography and blogging.

Soon into our careers and pursuing our hobbies, we decided to have a baby, and another one, and another one for a total of THREE amazing but crazy kids!

Our hobbies took a backseat during their infant years, but our passions for each other and our hobbies never died. Now, as a parent of three, I’m sharing tips and tricks on how I’m trying to manage to still have it ALL (if there is such a thing).


Get to know our little family better by checking out our family vault of milestones (wedding, 6 month session, and first birthdays):

So why the Sengerson blog?

SENGERSON is my first name and married last name mushed together. As for the blog, I have so many passions I love to write about: photography, home decor, DIY projects. I’ve been blogging informally since junior high when I was in love with NSYNC (yes, the boyband). I went off to college, and before Facebook was all the rage, I had a blog on the university’s server. Thank goodness they delete the files from there after you graduate.

Now, here I am in parenthood with a love of sharing my story as a working mom with other passions outside of her professional career and how I manage it (and what I prioritize out of my life due to time management).

The goal is to share with you the authenticity of a real life as a working mother with the successes as well as the failures so that you can relate and know that having it ALL means different things to different people.


Thank you for reading this and allowing me to share my projects and life journey with you!