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I cannot believe I will soon be planning Conrad’s first birthday party! It only seems like yesterday we were coming from the hospital. As you get older, what they say is true. Time truly does fly by.


This summer, I have three birthday parties to plan. Last year, we did one big one for all three of them (which included Conrad’s birth). Now that my girls are older and understand the concept of birthdays, I want to make sure that we celebrate their individuality!

One of them is bound to be at the pool! All of my kids are like fish, which is quite odd because I don’t even know how to swim! Yep, that’s my confession. Ryan has tried to teach me how to swim, but I swear I’m like a huge boulder in the water.

As such, I’m a huge advocate of teaching my kids water safety early! With our oldest, Ansley, we took her swimming at 8 months old. She absolutely loved it! With baby number three, Conrad, we are planning on getting him started soon so just so that water safety skills are an intrinsic part of his childhood. Not only do we want him acclimated to the water, but I’m excited to get him ready for fun in the water. He gets so excited in the bath tub today, I can only imagine his little giggles in a pool!

Today, I wanted to share with you a cute party decor idea that has a shark theme! It is a pool noodle made into a shark!


Supplies for Pool Noodle Shark

shark party favor diy 0002

First, cut the pool noodle into a 6 inch length.

Next, cut a diagonal from the top to a third of the way down the other side.

shark party favor diy 0003

Next, divide the portion that you cut off in half. You’ll be using one part of it as the shark’s fin later.

shark party favor diy 0005

Add the googly eyes on the side of where the mouth is forming.

shark party favor diy 0004

Use the white foam to cut out shark teeth in a diamond shape. Next, use your scissors to punch in holes where the teeth will go.

shark party favor diy 0010

Hot glue the fin onto the back of the shark. It should look something like this:

shark party favor diy 0013

Doesn’t it look so fun and easy? shark party favor diy 0011

Those teeth are sharp.

shark party favor diy 0012

Just like these (yes, he has a shark towel).

shark party favor diy 0008

This would be fun to use as decoration for someone’s special first birthday with a shark theme!

shark party favor diy 0009

Hope you loved this craft for kids using a pool noodle shark!

shark party favor idea_0002


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