Create a Distressed Wood Sign

Easy DIY Tutorial

Find out how to use chalk paint and a Cricut machine to make a whitewashed wood sign that looks worn and old for your home decor.

– Gray Chalk Paint – White Chalk Paint – Pallet Wood – Cricut Stencil – Transfer Tape – Poly Sealer – Medium Foam Brush – Medium Bristle Brush – Cricut Machine

Materials & Tools

Paint a layer of gray paint on with a foam brush. Let it dry for 30 minutes, or until you can feel that it's dry.

Step 1

Slowly make brush strokes with the white paint on the bristle brush. Use little paint on it so that the gray can still be seen.

Step 2

Use the Cricut machine and Design Space to make the pattern and cut it out while the paint dries. Stick the image to the wood with transfer paper. The white paint should be put on top of the cutout letters. Let it dry.

Step 3

To make bleed lines, start with white paint. Wait for it to dry. After the white paint, add a coat of gray paint. Let it dry.

Step 4

Be careful when you peel off the pattern. To make the letters look more worn, go over them with a hair brush. Use plastic to seal if you want to.

Step 4

I hope you learn how to use paint and board wood to give something a worn, rustic look.

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Create a Distressed Wood Sign: Easy DIY Tutorial