DIY Toy Room Basket Labels

Learn ways to label baskets, bins, and other storage for kids toys in their play space with my Cricut Joy.

Assemble label parts, select all layers, align horizontally and vertically with the mouse for a polished, crisp look.

Step 1

Utilize the attach and detach feature in the software's bottom right. Click the paperclip icon to signal Cricut to layer pieces together for efficient cutting.

Step 2

For Cricut Joy vinyl accessories, utilize guide lines on the back for precise cutting. Ensure a straight feed for leftover material in future use.

Step 3

Ensure ample space, especially for longer cuts.

Step 4

Opting for Deluxe Paper Adhesive? Grab a longer Cricut Joy mat for seamless cutting of your labels.

Step 5

- Wall Containers - Clear Jars - Label Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Storage Ideas

I hope you learn the art of efficient label creation, utilizing alignment, attachment, and proper spacing in this insightful guide

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DIY Toy Room Basket Labels