Creating a Shareable Craft Space: Tips for Kids

Learn tips on how you can make your craft space shareable, organized, and fun for kids!

Designing and planning space was easy with the Rubbermaid Storage Planner.

Measure your space and storage needs.

You're unlikely to use your supplies if you don't display them.

Show your supplies.

Get motivated if you install Rubbermaid® FastTrack® Pantry Kit for the craft area!

Showcase your kids' work to inspire.

Ensure you have a diverse selection for different projects and creative inspirations, enabling you to explore a range of techniques and mediums.

Fill it with crafts.

Make sure there is a lot of light in your work room. There's no need to explain.

Make it bright

It is important to be organized, but what's even more important is that your organization method lets you DO craft!

Make it look fun

I hope you learn how to create a shareable craft space with kids!

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Creating a Shareable Craft Space: Tips for Kids