Wingback Chair Makeover Cost

Learn how to much it cost to reupholster a wingback chair! Find out the tutorial too.

Cost for Reupholstering

DIY reupholstering a chair will be cheaper than hiring a professional. Fabric stores sell fabric, batting, cording, and other products for $300 to $450.

Step 1: Dismantle The Chair

Remove dust cover, fabric, webbing, springs, and chair cutting.

Step 2: Install New Webbing

Measure and staple webbing from front to back.

Step3: Install seat springs

Mark, sew, staple, and tie old springs onto webbing.

Step 4: Cover with coconut fiber and burlap

Secure burlap to frame.

Step 5: Measure, cut, and sew fabric:

Place cotton batting, sew fabric, and trim excess material, staples, and stitches.

I hope you learn how much and how easy it is to DIY your Wingback Chair Reupholster.

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Wingback Chair Makeover Cost