DIY Mudroom / Laundry Room Art with Distressed Wood Frame

Learn how to make mudroom and laundry room art using distressed wood frame!

Collect distressed wood, paint, brushes, hooks, and any other desired embellishments.

Step 1:

Sand and distress wood for rustic charm. Apply base coat of paint and let dry.

Step 2

Create the artwork for desired design. This project uses a map of Kansas City.

Step 3

Secure hooks onto wood frame for functional use. Ensure they're evenly spaced.

Step 4

Affix artwork onto wood frame using adhesive or screws. Ensure it's centered and secure.

Step 5

Hang finished piece in mudroom/laundry room for functional and decorative use. Admire your DIY creation!

Step 6

I hope you learn how to make a distressed wood frame to showcase your favorite artwork, whether it is for laundry room/mudroom or any room you want!

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DIY Laundry Room Art with Distressed Wood Frame