Send Love to Kindergarteners

with Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

Learn how you can get creative with lunch box notes for your kindergartener!

What is a printable lunchbox note?

A printable lunchbox note is a small, cute message or image designed to be included in a child's lunch as a surprise or encouragement.

How to Make Lunch Box Notes for Kindergarten

The following are directions on how you can make Lunch Box Notes for your Kindergarten!

Step 1

Download printable note. (Click link to download!)

Step 2

Print it on paper or cardboard that is 8.5 inches by 11 inches!

Step 3

Follow the lines. On the back, write them a note that tells them you love them or gives them good luck for their first day of school.

Step 4

Add some of their favorite food for lunch with love. Keep an eye on their smile as they walk home from school.

I hope you learn how you can make your kids lunch more creative with printable notes!

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Lunch Box Notes for Kindergarten