Cute Handprint Wood Craft

Learn an easy handprints on wood project with this step by step guide!


rustic wood pallets white acrylic paint clear acrylic coat to protect the prints foam paint brush vinyl cutter

Step 1

Make sure little hands are clean and free of dirt! Put some paint on a piece of paper.

Step 2

Put hands on the wood slowly. Be careful when you lift hands so you don't mess up the picture.

Step 3

Write Down Your Phrase. Almost anything can be put there.

Step 4

Clearcoat Handprints on Wood Crafts. Adding a clear acrylic lacquer to protect the prints is optional. Let dry overnight.

Step 5

Give your Handprints on Wood Project as a gift. You can now hang it on the wall or give it to your grandma as a gift.

I hope you learn how to make handprints on wood craft! This wood handprint craft is a lovely remembrance for mothers and grandmothers.

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Cute Handprint Wood Craft