Jenga Sight Word Game Hack for Fun Learning

Learn how to take the classic game of Jenga to the next level with a twist!

Supplies for Sight Word Jenga

Jenga game transparent tape permanent marker

Step 1

Put a clear piece of tape on top of the Jenga block.

Step 2

Put your site's name on it! That's all. Easy peasy!

Step 3

These were some of the words we taught our children to read by sight.

Step 4

You could do this with addition and subtraction too!  Just put in a formula and let the kids figure out how to do the work.

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I hope you learned some exciting twists to elevate your Jenga game from the article. Now, gather friends and family, and enjoy an unforgettable game night full of laughter and suspense!

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Jenga Sight Word Game Hack for Fun Learning