DIY Harvest Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Easy and Personalized

Create a stunning wreath for the harvest season out of burlap ribbon.

Materials & Tools

– Roll of Wired Burlap (2 x 10 yards) – 14" Floral Wire Wreath Form (Green Gage Wreath Forms) – Silk Sunflowers – Laser Cut Wooden Name Sign – Plasti Dip Metalizer – Plasti Dip in Your Favorite Color – Small Pliers – Hot Glue Gun + Glue

Step 1

Fold the end in half and put it in place on the floral wire wreath. Between the two inner rings, make your first loop.

Step 2

Between the middle rings, make your second loop. Turn the ribbon and move next to it in a straight line.

Step 3

Between each of the wreath anchors, there are three sets. Silk or dried flowers can be used to decorate.

Step 4

Poly Dip Craft is a great way to paint a wooden quote, name, or monogram initials. Apply a Layer of Poly Dip Pearlizer or Poly Dip Metalizer to Your Craft. Just a Hook Please

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I hope you learn to craft a charming rustic fall burlap wreath with a quote or monogram in this easy DIY tutorial!

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DIY Harvest Burlap Wreath Tutorial