Drilling Ikea Linnmon Table


Learn the essential skill of drilling a hole in an IKEA Linnmon craft table with confidence. Mastering this technique opens up possibilities for customization and practicality in your workspace.

2" White Desk Grommet 2" Hole Saw Drill Drill Bit (long enough to go through the table) Linnmon Table painter's tape (optional)

Supplies Needed

Find the hole's location.

Step 1

Get your Ikea Linnmon Table ready to go.

Step 2

To drill holes in your IkeaLinnmon table, use the hole saw.

Step 3

Turn the Ikea Linnmon Table over.

Step 4

Add Your Grommet

Step 5

I hope you learn the step-by-step guide on how to drill a hole in an IKEA Linnmon craft table, empowering you to personalize and optimize your workspace.

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Drilling Ikea Linnmon Table