Organize Your Home with Cricut Joy Machine:

Tips & Ideas

The Cricut Joy is a great piece of craft technology that will help you get your house in order. Here are some easy projects you can make with the Cricut Joy.

Glass Pantry Jars

With the Cricut Joy, you can quickly make labels to make your jars, canisters, and other containers in your kitchen look even better.

Storage Boxes for Drawers

With the Cricut Joy, it's very easy to make boxes. Design Space, Cricut's free program that can be upgraded, has a lot of templates. You can quickly make boxes, fold them, and put them together.

Binder Spine Labels

If you need to make labels for the spine of a ringed binder or scrapbook, you can use the Cricut Joy to not only cut, but also write on and draw a label for the spine.

Basement Tote Label Organization

Efficiently organize your basement with Cricut Joy. Create labeled totes for a tidy and accessible storage solution.

Cricut Lettering

Use Cricut Joy markers and pens to write anything that requires good penmanship. The Cricut Joy offers a wide range of markers for drawing any art you like.

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As you can see, Cricut Joy home organization projects abound. I hope these tips and tools help you arrange your home.

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Organize Your Home with Cricut Joy Machine: Tips & Ideas