Fin-tastic Valentine's Day Treats

Free Printables

Learn how to create adorable Valentines Day Treats using Goldfish Snack. Perfect for a fun and unique celebration of love!

What You Need:

1. The printable form 2. Goldfish (buy this large package) 3. Sandwich bags 4. Stapler

Step 1

Download, print and cut out the printable.

Step 2

Put the goldfish in the sandwich bag.

Step 3

Fold the printable and staple them on the sandwich bag.

Step 4

All done. Enjoy!

Here's a Valentines Treat Tag. Click the image to buy!

I hope you learn how to create adorable goldfish-Valentine's Day treat! These goldfish Valentine's Day treats are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.

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Fin-tastic Valentine's Day Treats: Free Printables