DIY Garden Sprinkler System

Simple & Efficient

Discover how to create a stunning garden on a hill with these tips and tricks.


– Fasteners: Carriage bolts & Washers - 5/8 and/or 1/2 inch – Pipe: PVC Pipe 2 inch

Step 1

Locate an existing sprinkler in the system.

Step 2

Position your garden design over the sprinkler and dig it up

Step 3

Cut the old sprinkler and tee in the new sprinkler heads.

Step 4

Hard pipe a new line, cutting PVC pipe at a 45-degree angle, driving it into the ground at your desired location, and plumbing the new line through it.

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I hope you learn the steps to create a beautiful garden on a hill: locate, position, cut, tee in, hard pipe, and plumb!

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DIY Garden Sprinkler System