Easter Mason Jar Bunny Crafts


Hop into Spring:

Learn how to bring a touch of spring into your home with these delightful Easter Mason jar craft ideas. Discover creative ways to transform simple Mason jars into charming Easter-themed decorations


mason jars hot glue gun Modge Podge glitter or embossing powder bunny: googly eyes, piping, pom pom chick: googly eyes, construction paper

Step 1

Grab your mason jars and remove the lid.

Step 2

Mix glitter or embossing powder with decoupage medium thoroughly in a separate container to avoid streaks

Step 3

Paint a light coat over the top of the mason jar. Let it dry completely

Step 4

Reattach the lid and use hot glue to carefully add googly eyes, bunny whiskers and nose, chick wings, and feet to the decoupaged surface.

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I hope in this blog you discover delightful Easter Mason jar craft ideas!

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