DIY Nursery Letters Guide

Learn this easy and great project using inexpensive wooden initials that you can paint!


– acrylic paint set – clear polycrylic (highly recommend the one I linked below) – nursery ribbon – wax paper or underlayment that it can dry on so it won't stick – distress ink pad – wood letters


– sanding paper

Step 1

Sand wooden letters to smooth them. Totally remove the dust. You can omit this step for chipboard, white, or cardboard letters.

Step 2

Paint Place wax paper on your table. Start by painting the letter edges using acrylic paint. Lay it on wax paper to dry. A good cover requires four applications and two hours between coats to dry.

Step 3

Add paint protection with clear acrylic!

Step 4

Add ribbon. Trim your ribbon to your desired length. Attach it to the letter's back with a staple gun. Secure it tightly, especially if hanging above a crib!

I hope you learn how to make your own letters with our easy-to-follow step by step DIY Nursery Letters Guide!

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DIY Nursery Letters Guide