DIY Wedding Vow Art:

Personalized & Beautiful

Learn a personalized wedding vow art by printing vows or song lyrics on decorative paper, framing them, and arranging in a collage for a meaningful wall display!

Feel free to use any photo software you like to open your picture.

Step 1

Crop the image

Step 2

Put a white layer under your main picture.

Step 3

Change your main picture's opacity.

Step 4

Use your best font to add your phrase to a new layer on top of your main picture.

Step 5

Make your picture flat, then save it as a JPG. Take it to your favorite place to print on canvas. There you have it!

Step 6

I hope you learn how to create a unique and meaningful piece of art with your wedding vows with this tutorial.

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DIY Wedding Vow Art: Personalized & Beautifull