DIY Personalized Baby Pillow:

Easy Tutorial

Learn how to create a beautiful and personalized baby name pillow with this easy-to-follow tutorial


pillow form fabric for pillow form heat transfer vinyl craft cutter iron rotary cutter ruler self healing mat sewing machine

Step 1

Choose a fabric and cut it into a rectangle.

Step 2

Print and cut out the baby's name in a large font.

Step 3

Pin the letters onto the fabric and sew them in place.

Step 4

Stuff the pillow and sew it closed for a personalized baby name pillow.

If you don't have time to do DIY, you can click the image to buy a personalized name pillow!

I hope in this post you learn to craft a charming personalized baby name pillow - a heartfelt keepsake for your little one's nursery.

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How to Make Personalized Baby Pillow with Name