Updating with New Cabinet Doors

Craft Room Makeover Reveal -

Learn from this craft room makeover! Be inspired by the reveal, featuring the final transformation phase with added cabinet doors.

Here are before snapshot of the craft room.

To initiate the project, we opted for Ikea kitchen cabinets from the SEKTION line to enhance and organize the space.

Starting The Project

We chose a cost-effective approach, crafting doors from trim wood and wainscoting/beadboard.

Making The Doors

Each door cost around $8, with a total of approximately 15 doors made.

Cost of New Doors

Then we use a high-volume, low-pressure paint gun from Harbor Freight, acquired for under $10, attaching it to the air compressor for an efficient finish.

New Doors Painting

We chose Benjamin Moore White Dove in semi-gloss because it is a good paint. With the addition of Ikea Sektion line hinges, the finished job looks great.

Final Look

I hope you learn from this craft room makeover journey. Discover budget-friendly cabinet transformations and creative insights!

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Craft Room Makeover Reveal - Updating with New Cabinet Doors