IKEA Hacks: Adding Cabinet Legs


Discover how to customize your IKEA Alex cabinets or Kallax shelving by adding furniture legs for an elevated and personalized look.

Materials & Tools

– 4 furniture legs – 4 mounting plates – 8 screws – screwdriver – ruler

Step 1

Mark the four corners at the bottom of your IKEA cabinet for leg placement, ensuring equal distances from the edges.

Step 2

If you have an IKEA Alex drawer unit, don't insert the drawers until the legs are installed.

Step 3

Attach furniture plates symmetrically to the underside of your IKEA Kallax unit.

Step 4

Remove existing hanger bolts from some legs with a vice grip.

Step 5

Screw the new hanger bolts into your IKEA furniture legs with the vice grip, then attach the legs to the furniture plates and secure them in place. Finally, position your cabinet as desired.

I hope you learn these simple ways to add legs to IKEA cabinets for a customized and elevated look.

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IKEA Hacks: Adding Cabinet Legs