Big Cedar Lodge Review Guide

Learn the best tips and tricks to making the most of your stay at Big Cedar!

When To Book a Stay

If you're planning a stay, consider booking during the winter season (November through December) for a magical and festive experience.

Where to Book

A fantastic money-saving tip: Consider Big Cedar Lodge's Wilderness Lodge timeshares on eBay; huge savings compared to direct bookings with identical amenities.

How To Go

For a charming arrival at Big Cedar Lodge, opt for the right turn at the sign; it's more scenic. The left leads to the lodge, while the right goes to Top of the Rock, a separate attraction.


The room featured a well-equipped kitchen with a stove top, microwave/oven, utensils, cookware, cups, and a coffee maker with supplies.

Best Pools

Big Cedar Lodge boasts four beautiful pools for your enjoyment.

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With its stunning accommodations, scenic routes, and numerous pools, this guide ensures a remarkable stay amid nature's beauty and resort luxuries. Enjoy your getaway to the fullest!

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Big Cedar Lodge Review Guide