Two-Story Curtains for Living Room

Learn the art of elevating your space with a captivating two-story mantel and curtains. Explore design inspiration and expert tips.

Opting for better quality, it is best to chose custom curtains from an Etsy shop.

How We Did It

The key is to drape properly. Add ribbon in thirds, wrapping and letting them sit for two weeks.

Training Two Story Curtains and Drapes

Choose for fishing swivel interlock snaps to extend curtain hooks, ensuring a perfect floor-skimming length for the drapes.

Hack for Lengthening Drapes and Curtains

Here is the mantel in all its glory!

The Big Reveal

Transforming the space with a lighter fabric framing the fireplace, the result is nothing short of a dream-like ambiance.


Here it is in the spring look!

Spring Look

"I hope you learn the secrets behind the stunning two-story mantel and curtains.

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Two-Story Curtains for Living Room