Evereve Trendsend Review


Is it better than Stitch Fix?

Learn about Trendsend review and discover how it compares to Stitch Fix. Discover insights and make informed choices for your personal styling needs.

Styling Fee

Trendsend has no styling or return fees, more items in the box, and no pressure to keep something. Plus, occasional waived styling fees for Stitch Fix make for a compelling comparison.

Price Point

Trendsend has higher price point but selection offers higher quality items compared to Stitch Fix.


Trendsend subscription box is personally curated. Enjoy the convenience of in-store exchanges if you have a local location. However, note that sales tax applies for states with Evereve stores. In contrast, Stitch Fix lacks exchange options.

Shipment Timing

Unlike Stitch Fix's 2-3 week ordering and shipping window, Evereve offers a faster turnaround time. Experience the convenience of receiving your curated box within 48 hours of ordering with Evereve.


Trendsend excels in delivering high-quality clothing items that you can feel the difference in fabric. The superior quality justifies the higher price point, affirming the notion that you indeed get what you pay for.


Stitch Fix entices customers with a 25% discount when keeping the entire box, whereas Trendsend doesn't offer a similar discount. However, Trendsend accommodates requests for sale or discounted items, allowing you to explore budget-friendly options.

I hope you learn from the Trendsend and Stitch Fix comparison in terms of fee-free options, higher quality, in-store exchanges, discounts, and more. Make an informed choice for your styling needs.

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Evereve Trendsend Review: Is it better than Stitch Fix