Tips for Visiting Worlds of Fun with Kids

Prepare for Fun:

Learn the tips and tricks for exploring World's of Fun!

Fewer passengers on weekdays equals more rides each hour.

Consider Going on a Weekday!

The majority of guests visit Worlds of Fun before heading to Oceans of Fun, saving them time by avoiding a wardrobe change. You have a better chance of succeeding than the herd by bucking conventional wisdom.

Visit Oceans of Fun first

Good eats may be found at Worlds of Fun. If you plan on visiting the park frequently, you can save money by purchasing a meal plan.

Plan your meals

Camp Snoopy has a calm, air-conditioned family area for youngsters to take a break. Changing tables, discreet nursing rooms, and a little play area are here!

Use the Family Center

Your train ride will take you through the park. An occasional "robbery" show on the train is great for kids who like to play "cops and robbers".

Ride the train for a break

Get this bag. Click the image to buy!

I hope you learn how to plan ahead, what to bring, and how to make the most of your visit with kids in World's of Fun!

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Prepare for Fun: Tips for Visiting Worlds of Fun with Kids