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Sack Pillows for Fall

Learn affordable and stylish grain sack pillows that are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your fall decor.


Grain Sack Pillow originated in late 1800s when farmers needed to transport their grain to the market for milling.


Authentic grain sack pillows are in demand due to Fixer Upper and the neutral farmhouse décor style.

Affordable Pillows

Here's a collection of gorgeous fall pillows that don't have that antique price tag with them.

Check out this grain sack pillow. Click the image to buy!

Lumbar Pillows

Mixing lumbar pillows with regular grain sack sofa pillows adds texture for the space.

Tips on buying

For an authentic look, choose a distressed grain sack pillow with the option of an insert, and double-check if purchasing from Etsy as some are just prints; also note the type of enclosur

I hope this list of affordable fall grain sack pillows helps you save money and create a living room and playroom you love just in time for fall!

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Best Grain Sack Pillows for Fall