Standing Desks vs Electric Desks - Pros and Cons

Find out what makes a manual crank standing desk different from a powered standing desk.

Pros of Manual Standing Desk

If you lose power, your desk won't be stuck in either the standing or sitting position. With a hand crank adjustable desk, you won't have to deal with powered noises either.

Cons of Manual Standing Desk

Manual crank desk hurts to crank it up and down. It also takes time to do so!

Pros of Electric Standing Desk

Electric workstations can stop at unlimited heights. Buttons provide rapid changes, making it easy to sit or stand more regularly during the day.

Cons of Electric Standing Desk

Having an outlet to plug in the motorized component is one of the biggest drawbacks of an electric standing desk. Also, if the power goes out, your desk will be stuck.

Is it healthier to have standing desks?

Yes. Studies reveal that standing for 6 hours burns 50 more calories each day.

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I hope you learn the key differences between manual hand-crank and electric standing desks in this informative comparison.

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Standing Desks vs Electric Desks - Pros and Cons