DIY Snow Globe Party Favors: 

Upcycle Empty Jars

Learn to craft charming snow globes from spice jars and mason jars. Enjoy a delightful DIY project perfect for parties!


mason jar or spice jar or craft jar water glitter (heavy, not fine) glycerin or baby oil hot glue gun waterproof toys and figurines American Greeting party plates and napkins

Step 1

Choose a snow globe bottom image using the lid of a mason, spice, or craft jar.

Step 2

Hot glue the figure on the jar lid facing in.

Step 3

Put water in the jar. Put the glitter on.

Step 4

Put the figure back on the lid.

Step 5

Enjoy iy! People at the party will love the gifts!

I hope you learn an easy DIY project you can use as a party favor!

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DIY Snow Globe Party Favors: Upcycle Empty Jars