Screened-In Porch Problems

Learn disadvantages that you need to be aware of when installing Screened-In Porch.

Cost of Screened-In Porch

There are reasons why a screened-in porch is cheaper than a sunroom. A sunroom is a separate space from a screened-in porch.

Cleaning Maintenance

Many chores are needed to clean your screened porch. Outdoors, the porch is exposed to any weather. The dirt and dust will accumulate faster.

Blocking Nature View

Screened-in porches rarely allow full outdoor views due to their design. The vista is typically blocked by roofs and railings.

Screen Replacement

Due to damage, screened-in porch screens may need to be replaced. Although you can replace the screens yourself, it's best to hire help.

Benefits of Screened In Porch

While there are disadvantages, screened porches have benefits too! It is easy to install, low maintenance and acts as a Bugs and Mosquito Repellant


Consider material costs, retractable vs. scrolling screens, size impact on expenditure, and electrical outlet additions. Make informed choices at every step!

Since screened-in porches are trendy, I hope this blog illustrated their merits and cons.

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Screened-In Porch Problems