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Restore and Refresh Teak Outdoor Furniture

These are restore and refresh teak outdoor furniture that has aged and you want to bring back the teak furniture.

About Patina

When teak wood is exposed to the elements, it starts to get a silvery, white, and grey color to it. This graying is called patina.

Teak Cleaning Supplies

 Soft bristled hand brush  Fine grit sandpaper  Sanding block  Tack cloth  Warm soapy water  Teak oil or teak protector (use a spray painter to spray on the teak oil)


Goggles Gloves Respiratory Masks

Wash and Clean

Power wash cobwebs and dust from underneath the furniture pieces, including inside the crevices that you may not have looked at!

Let Teak Dry

After washing your wood, you'll want to make sure you let the teak wood fully dry.


Use your jitterbug sander, power sander, oscillating sander or belt sander to smooth and restore the color of your teak furniture.

Rinse Teak Wood

While not required, I would recommend rinsing the teak wood again to rinse of the last remaining residue and let it dry for at least 36 hours.

Apply Teak Oil

The goal of it is to maintain the color.

Here's what teak looks like after cleaning it!

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Teak Furniture Restoration & Refresh