DIY Rain Gutter Garden Tips

Learn some of the considerations before making a rain gutter garden for lettuce and things you should be aware of.

Tools & Materials

Rain gutters (possibly upcycled), a weed barrier, gutter hangers, end caps, screws, and essential tools such as a drill and a hack saw. These materials and tools will be crucial in creating a successful and functional rain gutter garden for your plants.

Step 1

Measure the gutter space and cut it to size using a hacksaw.

Step 2

Install end caps on the gutter.

Step 3

Attach a weed barrier to the inside bottom of the gutter.

Step 4

Mount the gutter using screws, drill drainage holes every six inches, and fill it with dirt, straw, and lettuce seeds.

Tips and Tricks

Use hay or straw to keep the moisture in your gutter gardens, especially in the hot summer weather.

I hope you learn valuable DIY rain gutter garden tips and tricks.

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DIY Rain Gutter Garden Tips