Shop Smart for Home & DIY on Amazon Prime Day

Learn how you can save big on furniture, appliances, tools & more on Amazon prime Day!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon offers a variety of deals exclusively to Prime members during its multi-day Prime Day event. Clothing, kitchen appliances, and more are discounted during Prime Day, which lasts 24-48 hours.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day perks go beyond product savings. On 2023, Prime Members received a year of exclusive GrubHub membership.

Who can get Prime Day deals?

You must be an Amazon Prime member to access Prime Day deals. Get a FREE Amazon Prime Membership for 30 days to check out the discounts and perhaps cancel and keep the items you bought on bargain!

What about shopping without Amazon Prime?

You may shop without Amazon Prime, but shipping costs extra. However, Prime Day offers excellent Prime Membership trials.

Deal Types for Amazon Prime Day

Early Prime Day Deals Lightning Deals Best Deals Deals of the Day

Tips for Prime Day Shopping

List what you need for Prime Day shopping to avoid overspending. Preview upcoming deals for items not on the list. Stay focused!

I hope you learn how you can get amazing deals and shop smart on Amazon Prime Day!

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Shop Smart for Home & DIY on Amazon Prime Day