One Pot, Three Meals

Effortless Meal Planning:

Learn how to create delicious one-pot meals that not only save you time but also provide multiple servings over a few days.

Step 1

Heat a large pot and cook ground beef or chicken until browned.

Step 2

Add chopped vegetables like onions, bell peppers, and carrots. Sauté until softened.

Step 3

Stir in cooked rice or pasta, along with your choice of seasonings and sauces.

Step 4

Let the mixture simmer, covered, for a few minutes to allow flavors to meld.

Step 5

Serve and enjoy! This one-pot meal can last for several days, providing convenient and delicious leftovers.

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I hope you learn the art of making one-pot meals that last for days with this helpful guide. Discover how to create delicious dishes using simple steps and ingredients, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

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Effortless Meal Planning: One Pot, Three Meals