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DIY Wooden Wall Clock in 8 Easy Steps

With this very simple and cheap guide, you can learn how to make your own wall clock. It's easy to do and will look great on your wall!

Materials & Tools

– 2 - six foot lengths of wood – joining biscuits and/or wood glue – piece of string – wood stain or paint – stencil vinyl – numerals for the clock – clock mechanism – picture wall hanger – miter saw – ruler – straight edge

Step 1

Find out how much space you have and choose your design.

Step 2

Draw a square and assemble your wood.

Step 3

You must draw a perfect circle. Before you put the numbers on, paint or stain the piece.

Step 4

Pick the number of hands you want on the clock. Add up the number of places you found by measuring and dividing.

Step 5

Put the clock mechanism together. Put a hanger on the clock so that you can hang it on the wall.

I hope you learn how to make a simple wood clock at home in just a few steps.

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DIY Wooden Wall Clock