Discover the Fun at Legoland Kansas City:


Learn about Kansas City's Legoland Discovery Center in this review. If you're a Lego fan or a parent planning a fun day for your kids, this post covers everything you can anticipate at this amazing place.


Legoland Discovery Center are one of those activities that are amazing for cold, wintery days.

Ticketing Booth

The pricing for the Legoland Discovery Center can be found here, and it is recommended to purchase tickets online to save money. Children 2 & under visit FREE.

Other Things to See

The Discovery Center has two themed attractions, a 4-D theater (which we did not visit), a KC mini-model, a shop, and a cafe.

Lego Model Set Up

There were big lego model set up! Here was one of them of the Chief's stadium!

Play Area

Legoland Discovery Center's one-way play area keeps kids from wandering and gives parents peace of mind.

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Overall, it was a fun visit to Legoland Discovery Center! It is recommended to anyone who has kids over 30 months!

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Discover the Fun at Legoland Kansas City: Review