Kids DIY Jewelry Organizer

Find out how to use just a few hooks to make a jewelry display for kids! This guide will show you a great way to do an easy hack.

– 1-1/4" Vinyl Cooks – Wall Anchors – Wall Art – Wall Art Mount – 1-1/4" Drill Bit

Materials & Tools

Take a look at your frame to make sure the hooks will fit in the width.

Step 1

Set hook spacing approximately. Mark the hook spacing with a pencil after deciding how far apart they should be.

Step 2

Drill pilot holes to prevent frame wood from cracking. Put vinyl hooks in the wood frame's pilot holes.

Step 3

Install the jewelry organization display mount using wall anchors and hooks.

Step 4

Put jewelry on the art on the wall. Have fun with the show and organization!

Step 5

I hope you have fun learning how to use this easy-to-make DIY jewelry organizer display to keep your kids' jewelry in order and looking good.

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Kids DIY Jewelry Organizer