Ultimate Guide to KC Pumpkin Patches


Find Fall Fun:

Learn about the best pumpkin patches in Kansas City, where autumn comes alive with vibrant colors, fun activities, and endless pumpkin picking adventures.

Entry Cost & Prices

There are various pumpkin patches in Kansas City. It depends on the pumpkin patches farm the cost of each pumpkin patch entry and the potential a la carte items that you can buy.

Kansas City's Best Pumpkin Patches

Louisburg Cider Mill Faulkner's Ranch Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch Johnson's Pumpkin Patch Deanna Rose Farm

Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

Located in Kearney, Missouri, this expansive pumpkin patch is a must-visit. Prepare to be amazed by its vastness and variety.

Johnson's Farm Pumpkin Patch

Johnson's Farm, a popular destination for school field trips, offers a delightful program for families too

Deanna Rose Farm

When visiting this particular farm, be prepared for long lines, especially if you have young children. While they offer cute attractions like a nighttime scavenger hunt, waiting 45 minutes might not be worth it.

Worlds of Fun - Great Pumpkin Fest at World

They offers additional attractions alongside their regular ones. Enjoy a maze, trick or treating, coloring activities, and smaller attractions.

I hope you learned about the various pumpkin patches in Kansas City, including Faulkner's, Kearney's, and Johnson's Farm. Discover their unique attractions, entry costs, and special events for a memorable autumn adventure.

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Find Fall Fun: Ultimate Guide to KC Pumpkin Patches