Painting Interior Trim Tan/Khaki

Learn the key considerations before embarking on painting or coordinating wall colors and decor with tan and khaki-colored trim.

Professional Cost in Painting Trim

Transforming the trim from tan to white in a 2,600 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms would require a professional painting service, totaling approximately $12,000.

Common Paint Colors for Tan Trim

Several tan trim colors such as Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan 6151 and Benjamin Moore Texas Leather AC-3 are used to achieve somewhat neutral, beige trim characteristic of upscale homes.

Benefits of Having Tan Trim

Tan trim is often chosen to accentuate interior woodwork. Opting for the right tan hue enables flexibility in matching furniture and makes interior redecoration hassle-free.

Problems with Tan Trim

Tan trim can add unexpected glamour when paired with coordinating colors and furniture. Consider a few key factors when incorporating this unique trim color.

Tan Trim-Friendly Furniture Colors

The colors of wood, metal, and white furniture all look good with tan trim.

Considerations Before Painting Your Trim Tan or Khaki Color

Accessorize trim with patterns/colors. Contrast tan walls/trim. Use diverse hues for structure & depth, avoiding tan on walls with tan trim.

I hope you learn that Tan trim is unusual, but if you think of it as a neutral palette on which you can layer other colors, you can easily use accessories and furniture to provide dimension and movement.

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Painting Interior Trim Tan/Khaki