IKEA Craft Room  Furniture Ideas

Best Furniture for Storage and Aesthetic Appeal for Your Perfect Craft Space

Sektion cabinets are great for craft storage (they are generally found in the kitchen area)

Kallax cabinets are so versatile, you can buy cute boxes for storage or even install drawers!

Alex cabinets are great and come in various sizes. These ones used to have casters.

We upgraded the legs because they looked way better (and didn't move around as much)

I would recommend going to the Container store and buying small bins that fit PERFECT in the pullout drawers.

The pegboard system is amazing. Sure, you are locked into their system, but looks way better than the other ones.

Their tables are lightweight and you can drill holes in them without feeling bad! Cable management is easy!

Their paper box storage is also amazing, and fits perfectly in the Kallax units!

You can make inexpensive doors, but still use the IKEA base cabinet, making this room inexpensively!