Whiten Yellowed Pillows Tutorial


Learn the art of rejuvenating yellowed pillows! Dive into a comprehensive guide on washing and whitening techniques

Step 1

Check the pillow's care label for machine washability.

Step 2

Wash your pillow on hot with Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and Packs™.

Step 3

Wash it AGAIN in another hot cycle.


Learn expert tips on washing, whitening, and drying for a refreshed and cozy night's sleep. The following are tips on how to whiten yellowed pillows:

Tip 1

Enhance pillow fluffiness in the dryer with tennis balls, aluminum foil in socks, or a handy dryer ball

Tip 2

Simply use a low setting in the dryer for CLEAN and brilliantly white pillows. Effortless brilliance for your bedding routine!

I hope you learn the art of restoring yellowed pillows. From washing to drying, achieve pristine, white pillows effortlessly

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Whiten Yellowed Pillows Tutorial