Pressure Washing Teak Furniture

Find out how to pressure wash your teak patio furniture the right way to bring out its natural beauty!


– Water Source – Pressure or Power Washing Machine with Wide Nozzle – Air Compressor – Belt Sander – 150-Grit Sandpaper – Safety Goggles


– Oxalic Acid (optional) – Baking Soda (optional) – Teak Oil, Tung Oil, or Teak Sealer – Oil Rags

Step 1: Prep and Clean

Set up furniture upside down for efficient cleaning. Flip it to remove remaining debris after cleaning the bottom.

Step 2: Adjust and Spray

Start with the lowest pressure setting and a wide 40-degree nozzle. Keep the tip 6 inches from the furniture for even cleaning.

Step 3: Clean with Strokes

Spray along the grain gently to peel off dirt from gray wood. Avoid streaks by moving consistently with the grain.

Step 4: Stain Removal and Finish

Tackle stains with a wood bleach solution. Air-dry for 48 hours, remove debris, and sand. Apply teak or tung oil in two coats annually for optimal maintenance.

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Pressure Washing Teak Furniture