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How to Organize Vinyl for Crafting

Organizing your scraps can help ensure that you are making the most of the investment in your vinyl whether you are using a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo.

Let’s get started!

6 Fast Rules for Organizing Vinyl

02 Organize by opened and unopened

01 Organize vinyl types

03 For opened and used, sort by big and small

04 Determine visual or hidden display

05 Sort as needed with trays

06 Actually start crafting!

Organize Vinyl Types


Not all vinyls are created equal! Make sure you divide them up so you know if it's heat or non-heat!

Vinyl Packages


Unopened packages should be stored separately so you know what whole pieces you have

Large and Small Pieces


There are some projects that require lots of surface area, but not a full new sheet. Make it easy to find.

Determine Display


Figure out how you want to display your vinyl

Sort as Needed


You can use trays to sort through your vinyl and keep small pieces together.

Actually Craft!


Don't stop at just organizing, start crafting with all the time savings you have!

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Organizing Vinyl Sheets &  Infusible Ink