DIY PVC Sensory Table

Discover how to quickly and cheaply make a touch table for kids out of PVC pipe!

– Miter Saw or PVC Pipe Cutter – Tape Measure – Marker – PVC glue (optional) – Sterilite 28-quart storage box (23 ½" by 17" x 16") – 5 ¾" x 5 feet PVC pipe – 8 ¾" PVC  side outlet and 3 way connectors – ¾" x ½" PVC male adapter (optional if you cannot find slip connectors) – 2 ¾" PVC tee – 2 ¾" PVC elbow

Tools & Materials

The PVC should be cut out according to the measurements

Step 1

Put all the pieces of different sizes next to each other based on where they will go in the top, middle, and side parts.

Step 2

Add the links and polls to the puzzle to put it all together.

Step 3

Put the storage bin on top of the PVC stand to finish the stimulation table. Just add some sense items, and you should be good to go.

Step 4

Not all sensory bins are pricey. Sensory bins may hold almost any household item, and kids enjoy them because they can play with it. You're restricted by your child's ingenuity and imagination.

Best Sensory Bin Fillers

I hope you learn to create a DIY sensory table using PVC pipe from this insightful guide.

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DIY PVC Sensory Table