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How to Hang String Lights Under Covered Patio

Hanging string lights under a covered patio can make your space more inviting at night.

Tools Needed to Hang

String Lights Screw Driver Eye Hooks Silicon Zip Ties Extension Cord

Decide on Design

Determine if you want to follow the border or cross underneath the patio. Crossing has a tendency to sway the lights during high wind.

Measure Space

Before ordering lights, measure your space to have enough string lighting.

Anchor Ports

Anchor ports for lighting.

Silicone Hook Area

Insert eye hooks and silicon around to prevent water damanage.

Zip Ties

Zip ties can be used so that the plastic can hold the string light away from wall.

Adding string lights to our deck makes our evening more magical. The lights look glorious during sunset hours.

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String Light Hanging Tips and Tricks