Hanging Wall Art and Collages


Discover how to put together a picture collage on your wall. Here are some tricks that will make it look great without making it look like you did it yourself.

– Nails or Screws – Picture Wire – Tracing Paper or Packing Paper – Painter's Tape – Pencil – Screwdriver or Hammer

Materials & Tools

Get together all the art that you want to use in the collage. Make sure that the tones match.

Step 1

Make a copy of each piece of art on white gift tissue paper, grocery bags, packing paper, or even two pieces of printer paper taped together. Then, make sure there is a "hole" where the art nail hole should be.

Step 2

Use painter's tape that has been rolled up behind the art paper to stick it to the wall in the way you want. Adjust it until the space between the pictures is even.

Step 3

Then put the nail over the paper's "nail hole." Take off the paper once the nail is on the wall.

Step 4

Put all of your art on the wall!

Step 5

I hope you learn how to hang a collage of pictures on your wall.

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Hanging Wall Art and Collages