DIY Wood Flooring Over Plywood

Beginner's Guide and Things to Consider

Learn the ins and outs of DIY hardwood floor installation. Discover how challenging it is to install hardwood floors yourself!

Figure out how long it will take and add a few days if there are a lot of changes. Think about how long you'll be without normal floors.


There are various hardwood flooring possibilities. You want real hardwoods? Want more forgiving pre-finished engineered hardwoods? Consider whether your home has hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Choice

Opt for uniformity and spaciousness for a quick home sale. Explore diverse designer opinions, but consider traditional and conservative DIY designs for future resale appeal.


Are you sure your floor is level? This changes everything, especially project scope and expense. How much leveling you require may increase the cost of the underlayment.

Underlayment and Floor Levels

Mind transitions in your hardwood DIY. Match existing carpet/tile to ensure project cohesion. Consistency in transitions enhances overall aesthetic appeal.


Essential tools include a portable miter saw. Connect a wet/dry vacuum for dust control, crucial for a clean living space.

Right Tools and Equipment

I hope you learn the challenges of DIY hardwood floor installation!

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DIY Wood Flooring Over Plywood: Beginner's Guide and Things to Consider