Hole in the Rock Hike with Kids in Papago Park


Check out the Hole in the Rock in Papago Park, Arizona. Ideal for a walk with kids that isn't too hard.


The Hohokam Tribe utilized this landmark to measure summer and winter solstice in early Phoenix. Early people could schedule their growing season using the rock's sun-hitting locations.


Papago Park's trail has a short elevation. Kids without shoes could slip on the gravel.


The rock's view isn't great—it's the parking lot. The city view isn't great, but kids could like it.

Timing for Hike

Phoenix is hot, so it's best to opt an early morning hike to be the first in the parking lot or for sunset, which many people plan for.

Near Trails

A smaller route goes to flat desert where you can photograph sagura cacti on the other side of the Hole in the Rock. If you've been in Arizona's heat, it'll lead you to shade.

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Hole in the Rock in Papago Park is a short, easy hike with a great perspective over Phoenix for families. Just plan and time it to avoid crowds and heat.

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Hole in the Rock Hike with Kids in Papago Park