Reasons for Having 4 Kids

Learn why it is good to have a family of 4 kid. Learn strategies, and benefits!

Reminder of Innocence

Children embody innocence, reminding us of carefree joy daily. Their "firsts" reignite wonder, prompting a longing to relive childhood.

Old Age Care

Viewed as either selfish or strategic, having multiple children increases the likelihood of being cared for in old age.

More Fun

Holidays and birthdays become lively affairs, filled with laughter and joy. The more, the merrier!

Meeting People

Living in a small town and having kids in sports exposes us to countless people. With diverse friend groups, we've built a network connecting us to half the town—a truly enriching experience.

Sharing & Compromise

Siblings learn sharing and compromise early on. They've mastered the art of sneaking candy to avoid sharing—a lesson in street smarts.

Exclusive Club

The family became an exclusive club, offering companionship and support in times of need.

I hope you learn the benefits of having 4 kids. It is crazy, yet fun and have multiple benefits too!

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Reasons for Having 4 Kids