Hang Curtains Like A Designer


Learn the art of achieving perfectly hung drapes and curtains in your home

Start with clean drapes

Ensure your drapes are clean and free from dust or debris before training.

Use a steamer

Steam the drapes to remove wrinkles and creases, making them easier to train.

Find the right spot:

Hang your drapes in the desired location where you want them to fall naturally.

Use weights

Add weight to the hem of the drapes to encourage a straight and even drape.

Secure with clips or pins:

Use drapery clips or pins to hold the folds in place, allowing them to set.

Give it time

Allow the drapes to hang for a few days, adjusting them as needed to achieve the desired look.

I hope you've gained valuable insights from these tips on training drapes and curtains, enhancing your home's decor and style.

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Hang Curtains Like A Designer